An Exploration of Love, Art and People Who Love Art

Note from the Editor, E.B. Hart, Jr.

I have decided I want to explore the whole “Love” thing.  Scary, but there it is.  No one I know on a personal level talks about this.  A lot of people use the word frequently, but no one ever talks about what it means to be loved or what it means to love someone or even what it means to love oneself.  Why?  I do not know.  I do not know why they will not talk about love; I do not know why love is an issue in my live today; I do not know why I did not see this path before.

And “Art?” Why Art?  I do not know if Love and Art can be separated.  To me, Art is always an expression of love, i.e. love of a deity, love of another person, love of nature, love of the abstract, even love of hatred (it is so a thing).

I know this; when I see a path I have never walked before, I get curious.  I am compelled to go down that lane.  In my eyes, this path begore me is overgrown, uneven, thorny, dark, and just plain treacherous in so many ways.  However, the compulsion to run head long into the unknown is undeniable.  To travel along this path, I am going to have to stand stripped of all the disguises and masks I have worn my entire adult life.  I am going to have to come out from behind the protection of the walls I spent my whole existence erecting. I am not at the point where I can drop everything like it were excess baggage and start walking.  I think I will shed an item here and an item there until I reach my ideal exploring weight.   I can safely say expect a slow start, but constant acceleration.

So, I protect myself the best I can with the support of my family, my friends, the scholars and philosophers who came before me, and, with a healthy delusion of survivable vulnerability, I take the first step.  Coming?


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