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Ice Donuts


The Ice Donuts community is made up of part-time artist, full time artists, barely artists, and people who would swear they were far from artists.  Some write, some dance, some play music, some paint, and some tell stories, but they all create. Our goal is to introduce the world to art that is not profit driven.  It is art that is love, not greed.

If you wish to contact the artist, and the artist wishes to allow contact, the artist will include contact information in their piece.

If you wish to contact me or the community in general, please use the Contact Us button near the top of the page.

Oh, by the way, all photos are by me except the backgrounds and others as noted.

While we are not profit driven, breaking even would be nice.  All donations are greatly appreciated.

                                                                    E.B. Hart, Jr.

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